Mobile radio system for simultaneous translation - Whisper

The radio system for simultaneous translation is characterized by high sound quality and extraordinary convenience and ease of operation. The latter is provided due to the small size of the transmitter and receiver, which can fit in a jacket pocket.

The complex of radio equipment for simultaneous translation is a compact, mobile translation system based on advanced technology and widely used. All these properties are embodied in a light, compact, modern and elegant design that is suitable for any interior.

Transmitter (simultaneous interpreter's tool) it is equipped with a miniature microphone, and the receiver is equipped with an earpiece. This radio system for simultaneous translation allows simultaneous translation in several languages at the same time. Due to its high flexibility, the system can be used even when moving, allowing the interpreter to serve tourist excursion groups.

Due to its small size (92x62x25 mm, 130 gr.), this simultaneous translation radio system allows you to hold events in any premises that are not equipped for simultaneous translation, since the system is mobile, quickly installed and configured.

The equipment has the ability to operate on batteries (AA) or accumulators, using a special device for recharging, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs of the entire system. Also, the charger is a means of transporting equipment. For the convenience of using a mobile simultaneous translation radio system, there are transport chargers with a capacity of 12 and 30 pieces of equipment.

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