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1) Confucius “The Great Teaching"

Monument of ancient Chinese thought, the shortest (1755 hieroglyphs) of the main Confucian canons. The name allows for a threefold interpretation:
1) "The Great Doctrine" — the doctrine of a highly stable, perfect personality;
2) "The highest science" — teaching for high-ranking officials, the science of socio-political management;
3) "Higher education" — philosophical instructions for adults.
5-3 centuries BC

2) Tzu Si “Junyong"("Middle Way")

The second Confucian treatise from the Four Books, a text consisting of 3544 hieroglyphs, was written in the period 481-402 BC.

3) Confucius "Lun Yu" ("Judgments and Conversations")

It is considered the cornerstone of the philosophy of Ancient China. The treatise consists of 20 chapters, where the main provisions of the teachings of Confucius are presented in the form of conversations or individual statements.


1) 送别 (Send-off)

作者: 王维, 朝代: 唐
Author: Wang Wei
Period: Tang Dynasty

2) 感遇 (其一) (Sensation, part 1)

作者: 张, 朝代: 唐.
Author: Zhang Jiulin
Period: Tang Dynasty

3) 春思 (Spring Thoughts)

作者: 李白,朝代: 唐
Author: Li Bai
Period: Tang Dynasty

4) 菩萨蛮 (Tremulous motive)

作者: 张先, 朝代: 宋
Author: Zhang Xiang
Period: Song Dynasty

5) 宴山亭 (Gazebo in the Yanshan Mountains)

作者: 赵佶, 朝代: 北宋
Author: Zhao Ji
Period: Northern Song Dynasty

6) ─溪 (Transparent stream)

作者: 王维 朝代: 唐

Author: Wang Wei

Period: Tang Dynasty

 7)A banquet in the house of the hermit Hu Si


Author: Li Bai

Period: Tang Dynasty


Dear friends! As we all know very well, a number of world-class sporting events will take place in our country in the coming years. The preparation and holding of such large-scale events is in itself a complicated and troublesome matter, and what can we say about international competitions. Practice shows that when providing linguistic support for such events, translators face serious difficulties caused by insufficient knowledge of special terminology. At the recent 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou, a terminology glossary in several languages was specially prepared to solve these problems, including more than 3,000 terms covering all aspects of the preparation and conduct of major sports competitions. I was lucky enough to work as part of the editorial group of its Russian part, and today I hasten to present to your court what my colleagues and I have succeeded.

Part 1 General terms

Part 2 Games Organizing Committee

Part 3 Game Security

Part 4. Finance

Part 5. Pointers on objects

Part 6. Construction of sports facilities

Part 7. Arrival and departure

Part 8. Legality

Part 9. Anti-doping

Part 10. External links and protocol

Part 11. The Torch Relay of the Games

Part 12. Transport

Part 13. Competitions

Part 14. Opening and closing ceremonies

Part 15. Working with the media

Part 16. Ticket program

Part 17. Meteorology

Part 18. Personnel issues

Part 19. Marketing

Part 20. Cultural events

Part 21. Logistics

Part 22. IT and telecommunications

Part 23. Promotion/promotion

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